The Adventures of Mr. McGuire and Friends by K.A. Yodock is the delightful and whimsical story of Mr. McGuire who has many adventures during the long absence of his parents. Mr. McGuire lives in the beautiful countryside of New England. All his friends - Miss Pearl, Wendell, Winnie and Red Sox - are trying to cheer him up. He also has other friends with whom he enjoys having a good time. Each chapter in the book speaks about the time McGuire has with his friends and they convey subtle messages to readers. He finally meets Daisy, a timid toy poodle. The book teaches kids a lot of new things through the meeting of characters and their interaction with each other. All the characters in the story are original and adorable and they all have their own individuality. They will keep readers entertained till the very end. The love they have for each other and their interactions are all educational for young readers and teach them new concepts and ideas. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and they give a personality to all the characters. The pictures are also helpful in breathing life and movement into the story. I would recommend this book to all parents and grandparents as a bedtime story and it is also good for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. The story has a good pace and readers can sail through it with ease, which helps in holding the attention of readers. - Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite"/> The Adventures of Mr. McGuire and Friends