When I began my debt free journey in Feb 2010, I had exactly $900 in my savings account and was over $40,000 in debt. Today, I am debt free and have my own business. Back then, it seemed impossible that I would ever come out ahead of the debt. It felt like an anchor tied to my leg, drowning me one dollar at a time until I discovered that all you need is a plan and some kick ass creative money saving techniques. In addition to outlining all the creative ways I was able to free up money in my income and techniques used to generate additional income, it also details what I did with the money, how I managed it effectively and invested it accordingly to manifest my life plan. And I did it all in less than 5 years! The book is broken into three parts - what you need to get started, how to start generating extra income and stashing the moolah, how I paid off the debt and started growing my money. A few of the things you'll be able to do with this book include: In addition to the book, you also get 3 free bonuses to help you jumpstart your savings and decide if the life plan you are creating for yourself is right for you!"/> The Simple Road to Riches: Pay Off Debt & Make a Plan to Live Your Best Life