Mindful Being quote by Nataša Pantović Free Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind Mindful Being by Nataša Pantović Your Highest Potential is Waiting Mindful Being Course by Nataša Pantović Your Highest Potential is Waiting Mindful Being towards Mindful Living, AoL #4 is a 12 module self-development course with 100s of Spiritual Transformation Tools that combine personal growth Western and Eastern ancient wisdom tools 12 MODULES WITHIN MINDFUL BEING ARE: * MODULE 1: BODY AWARENESS * MODULE 2: HOME * MODULE 3: THINKING PATTERNS * MODULE 4: TIME WASTERS * MODULE 5: FREE YOUR MIND * MODULE 6: CORE BELIEFS * MODULE 7: RELATIONSHIPS * MODULE 8: GREATER SURROUNDINGS * MODULE 9: TRUE DREAMS * MODULE 10: TRUE GOALS * MODULE 11: ART AND SPIRITUALITY * MODULE 12: SPIRITUALITY AND YOU Conscious Living practicing Arts & Sports Back in time, that has changed only a 150 years ago, pre-electricity, our society was infected with inequality, injustice, and a thought that lived within 90% of us for many millennia’s - the thought of Equality. The total population of the world, post electricity, rose dramatically from 1/2 a billion to 8 billions. During this time of learning how to live together we went through both the 1st and the 2nd World War. Thanks to our learnings and to the modern technology, we now have an opportunity to study / practice ancient spiritual growth / self development practices from around the world. This exposure to the mix of East and West, South and North, gives us some very inspiring insights. A grand piano recital of one of the best world pianist Grigory Sokolov that was entitled "The Legend is Back" took us onto a 3 hours journey through Haydn's sonatas and finished with 5 encores at midnight. While on this "single man on a piano" marathon, we as his audience stopped breathing with every pause he performed. He mastered his and the energy of entire Conference Centre crowd, taking us into the highest states of consciousness. Both music and sports, fully intuitively connect with the mastery of breath and souls' meditations. There is no exceptional artists, sportsmen or dancer without the mastery of deep breath, circular breath, rapid breath, or deep understanding of the magic of concentration. Yin and Yang Balance within Human Beings Ancient Spirituality and Modern Practices around the World Within the spiritual growth arena, in our drive for goodness, humanity used to exercise tremendous efforts to transform Yin into Yang, searching for Balance within Order, applying force to guard “chastity”, "honor", or "inner laws". Within our understanding of the "wisdom" system, like in any learning, we pass through a spiral, slowly climbing up its various levels – physically, mentally and intuitively mastering the tools, comprehending its more subtle wisdom and beauty. Exercising Tai Chi, for example, takes us into a journey that as a gift combines breathing, movement, and the energy flow. Watching a Master exercise the Art, we watch him / her exchange with Tao / divine Being able to apply a "personal growth" system within all age groups – kids, youth, mature adults, both women and men, including the old, is a sign of wisdom within that system. While experiencing different Yin and Yang combinations of consciousness manifestations, we all seek the system that both grows within us and helps us grow. Yoga and Tai Chi as products of Yin based minds Yoga as a system of knowledge went into many details about how energies within our spines interact with the brain, involving drawings (mandalas), sounds (mantras), symbols (within each of 7 chakra). Yoga examines how the various physical, mental or emotional dirt within the body creates emotional blockages. Mastering concentration, meditation or breath, brings both: prolonging life or attaining what Yogis call enlightenment. Yoga has developed some interesting “solder-like” practices for the improvement of Willpower. It was designed for mainly men and learned from childhood. It comes from a predominantly Yin environment where a state of chaos is a norm, so it required discipline, as a male application of force... [video width="960" height="720" mp4="https://chaptersee.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Mindfulness-Training-Exercises-Circle-of-Life.mp4"][/video] "/> Mindful Being: Towards Mindful Living Course (AoL Book 4) by Nataša Pantović