Discover Alchemy through Poetry by Nataša Pantović, Jason Lu, Christine Cutajar, Jeni Caruana, AoL Mindfulness #1. Spiritual Four Elements Meditations, a Mystical Journey into Enlightenment through ancient mysteries and stories,. The 120 poems, written by Nuit, acted as an inspiration for the work of 3 artists. Size: 266 pg 8” x 10” Art of 4 Elements: Exploring Alchemy through Poetry, AoL #1 Discover alchemy through poetry. Discover love through alchemy The Art of Four Elements book is a collaboration of four artists: one poet, one photographer and two painters. The poetry is an inspiration for the work of the artists. Each of the artists has chosen 40 poems and has created the art work based on the theme and the ‘vibe' of each poem. Together they created an e-book with 120 poems and 120 photos, paintings, and drawings. Transforming the visible into words, and words into images, we stumbled upon the four elements, and upon each others’ expression of Love, Joy, Suffering, Compassion, Curiosity, and most of all, Wonder towards all the manifestations within Nature. The poetry, the photography, the drawings, all, attempt to deeper explore the infinite game of Life, through the exploration of:• Earth that is fixed, rigid, static and quiet, and symbolizes the world of senses;• Water that is the primordial Chaos, is fluidity and flexibility, and symbolizes the world of emotions;• Air that has no shape and is incapable of any fixed form. It is a symbol of thoughts.• Fire that is boundless and invisible, and is a parching heat that consumes all, or within its highest manifestation, becomes the expression of Divine Love; and• Spirit that stands at the center of the four elements as an Essence, an Observer, Consciousness coming forth to experience the magic of Life. Nataša Pantović Nuit, BSc Economics, is Author, Management Consultant, Adoptive Parent and Spiritual Researcher into Higher States of Consciousness that lives and works in Malta. Author of 9 Mindfulness Books called AoL Training. Jason Lu is an American born in Taipei, China. He has a B.A. in Computer Arts, and has studied figurative arts in Florence, Italy. Jason has done a number of exhibitions and installations in USA, Italy and Malta. Christine Cutajar is a Maltese psychology graduate with an MA in Creativity who has a passion for art, more specifically art in photography. Her photography is a reflection of her love for nature, psychology, travelling, and life. Jeni Caruana is an English artist that has studied art at Harrow College of Art in the UK. Over the years she has become one of the foremost exponents of water-colours in Malta. AoL ( publishes books, audio, and video materials in the areas of Ancient Worlds, Comparative Religion, Symbolism, Spirituality and Art, Inner Alchemy, and Consciousness Research  We have published the AoL Mindfulness Series of 9 fiction and non-fiction books by 7 authors focusing on spiritual growth, creativity and higher states of consciousness. A series of many genre's, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction, the world of ''AoL Mindfulness'' explores numerous self development..."/> Art of 4 Elements: Discover Alchemy through Poetry (AoL #1)