you give up to avenge the murder of a loved one? Justine Kroft knows what she would give up. Everything. About to die during a failed attempt to kill one of the men responsible for her daughter’s death, Justine is saved by Simone Gireaux, a 350 year old vampire. Justine envies her rescuer’s strength and speed and convinces Simone to make her a vampire, as well. At first Simone is reluctant, but she knows what it means to lose a loved one to brutal murderers. With the help of Justine’s only true friend, Teresa Diaz (a mortal whose daughter is missing) and Detective Harry Frazer (who has loved Justine for years), Justine and Simone join forces to find and kill the mortal men involved in her daughter’s death. But the real killer is Stephan Sinakov, the self-anointed Master of the Sinakov Vampire Family. In their final confrontation with Sinakov, Justine must make a choice between her daughter and the mortal man whose love for her has put his life on the block.
"Revenge and vampires play key roles in Burton's horror-mystery-thriller blend, which follows single mother Justine Kroft's attempts to kill the men who raped and murdered her teen daughter...a fast-paced, mildly entertaining vengeance quest that quickly broadens from a simple murder case to a conspiracy with sinister blood-sucker Stephan Sinakov at its core...tight plotting and memorable characters..."
Publishers Weekly
  By jacquelyn smith on January 24, 2015

WOW!!! A story that will leave you speechless!!! The night she stopped living, Justine Kroft died the night her little girl was raped and brutally murdered. She could only feel the pain of seeking justice for all that she had lost, but will it be enough for the dark evil that took her daughter's life. David Burton takes you into the dark side of vampires and the evil that lives inside of man. Once I started reading this heart gripping novel I was lost in the pain of a mother's grief and at what lengths she would go to get justice for her only child's death. This is not your everyday vampire love story, these evil blood hungry vampires are only after the young and their healthy hearts, so get your favorite drink and enjoy this amazing adventure into every mother's nightmare...... Dreamers get ready for something new? The other side of darkness!!! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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