A man misled into hiding a million dollars from his fiancee. A woman who interprets a fortune teller much too literally. An eager lady whose clueless man won't propose after months of in your face hinting. A serial cheater who can't choose between three women despite an inheritance on the line.  These are a few of the stories in For Better, For Worse or Maybe Not (Vol 1); a collection of the edge of your seat narratives that explores deceit, dishonesty, greediness and putting the cart before the horse in courtships, relationships and almost weddings.  "This is hilarious! A very humorous way of dealing with complex issues in romantic relationships. I love the writing style of the author, it is enthralling and lucid!" - comment from a reader of The Underwear Defense, the first story in the series.  Win a free paperback copy of Vol 2 by guessing which of the stories are true. More details in the book!"/> For Better, For Worse or Maybe Not