LASTVIEW IS A WORK OF LITERARY FICTION A former police officer Teal Tace, an Distict Attorney, and other law-abiding citizens struggle with the vision of events that have happened from their past leading up to a mysterious crime scene, as they take control of a prison called Lastview. A mystery, suspense, crime fiction, love, lost, and the Lastview. The places, names of characters, events, mechanics, and incidents are used fictitiously or are a product of a very active imagination. Any resemblance to actual events is merely coincidental. Welcome to the world of Crime Fiction. So sit back, or stand with humor. Buckle your reading belt and read. Lastview is a crime fiction novel containing adult situations language, paranormal, and violence. Characters, names, events, affairs, functions are just the active mind of the novelist. Remember that this book is to be looked over and read as a mystery, suspense, fictitious, crime fiction tale. Thank you, KnackTime I dedicate this novel Lastview to readers and writers everywhere. Thank you for your compassion of the Literary Arts."/> LASTVIEW