Kindle Samantha rated it 4 of 5 stars Sahana Mehra weaves an entertain tale that grabs our attention from the very beginning and enthralls us through every stop, all the way until the happy ending. I adore reading books with strong female friendships and comradery and thought that Ms. Mehra did a fabulous job with the characters of Maddie and Sophia, along with the rest of the supporting cast. I appreciated the brisk pace, but at times I felt perhaps there could have been a bit more tightening, as I noticed many places where there was “telling’ us of feelings or thoughts or reactions a character was having, that we didn’t need explained to us because it was obvious. A bit or repetitiveness, if you will. But other than that the editing was good, and so was the structure. Great dialogue and conversations – you can’t fake that sort of thing. Ready to read more from Sahana Mehra now – looking forward to it! goodreads - Review Claire rated it 5 of 5 stars Well this book took me awhile to finish (it is quite long at 400+ pages) but I must say it was totally and completely worth it!! Loved every page, every adventure, and am such a fan of Sahana Mehra! I read two of her other books prior to this one and enjoyed them so much I was eager to see what else she could do, and if she’d be able to deliver the same level of high-quality writing, quirky humor, and down-to-earth ‘realness’ when it came to relationships- whether it be family, friends, or lovers and her ability to create unique and memorable plots. Well I’m happy to say that this one did not disappoint in the least! Loved the descriptions of the various locals and Sophie and Maddie were great. Too much happens to describe in a quick review, you just have to read it for yourself. An awesome addition to the chick-lit genre, and I hope Ms. Mehra keeps them coming! goodreads - Review Laura rated it 5 of 5 stars 4.5 stars love when I can pick up a book and feel completely transported to another place and live other people’s lives for a while. And this is the perfect book for such an escape! I was caught by surprise by how passionate, descriptive, and just downright fun this book was, but that’s not to say it didn’t have its share of conflict and unexpected surprises! It is fast paced and you just get swept up in Sophia and Maddie’s adventures and the colorful characters they meet. They are so well developed, love how different the two girls are, yet they balance each other perfectly and I wish I had a friend like that! Was great fun living life vicariously through them, and absolutely loved the fabulous destinations. Sigh. Wish I could go to all those places! But this will have to be the next best thing… for now. goodreads- Review Stacy rated it 4 of 5 stars "Seven Cities Far From Sober” is this awesome mix of reality and fantasy, and I say that because who WOULDN’T fantasize about some of these awesome places and experiences?! Gah! But at the same time, the things they go through feel real, even when a bit crazy or even unbelievable… Sahana Mehra writes with an almost dizzying energy and we are swept up in Sophie and Maddie’s story and carried all the way through to the end. I admit that I did think some of the overly descriptive dialogue tags were too much at times, (giving far too much description, or action to something the character just said) and at times Sophie was… well,… exhausting. But overall I loved the energy, the laughs, the craziness, and the fun, even if it came at a cost some times, It all works out in the end! goodreads - Review"/> Seven Cities Far From Sober