To fully appreciate the catastrophic results of stupidity and selfishness, one must understand the nature of the relationships within a single group of humans. In one story, Serena describes herself as 'a kind of Black Widow' but,she has an annoying phobia of knives. So, exactly how does she aim to seek and destroy? In another, a killer remembers how his mother used to smell on her deathbed but will it ever equal that of his unfortunate victims? Next, a demon exacts her revenge on an misogynist ex by delivering a punishment fit for a king. Gossip can be the death of some people and it's these that a scorned female ghost wishes to avenge. Finally, is it wolves or sex-starved, horny men you should be worried about? Perhaps, it should be both. Where you find death, you may find sex also; they are intricately linked for many. But, can you be really sure that their souls are screaming in pleasure or in pain?"/> Sing The Blues