Ohio newlyweds Steve and Heather have been looking forward to their honeymoon in a rustic bed and breakfast. Nestled in the remote Rocky Mountains of Montana the Thief Creek Inn seems just the place to relax and enjoy the peaceful and wildly beautiful surroundings. The violent Toomey brothers, on the run after their escape from prison, are looking for a secluded hideaway as well. Butch, the lumbering tattooed harelip murderer; Jesse James Toomey, the cruel leader of the gang;  and JP are desperately trying to save the life of their younger brother, Tommy, when an accident brings them to the Thief Creek Inn. Innkeeper Mike Preston is a peaceful man who, with his wife, Annie, a nurse, bought the inn as a retreat from their stressful lives in Seattle. When the Toomey brothers show up, life is suddenly turned upside down for everyone at the Thief Creek Inn.  As one reader put it, “This is an action-packed thrill ride!” Another claimed it to be “one of the best books I have read in a long time.”  It’s a real page turner you won’t be able to put down till the last heart-stopping moment."/> Thief Creek